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Ilya Bataman was born in 1982 in the Russian city of Omsk, a place where Russian tanks are constructed. Throughout his childhood, he was connected with music as his parents were very fond of synth-pop. But when he got his first tracker software in 1999, this was the real beginning.

First he tried to mix the old disco tracks with minimal techno, which sounded quite interesting to him. Then he started to search for his own sounds, and developed his own individual style of programming. While DJ-ing at nightclubs around Omsk, he realized that something was wrong with the picture. People got used to the fashionable sounds and never wanted to hear any thing that was different. Different is exactly what Ilya needed, so after his graduation he left Russia for 2 years to UAE. He spent his time soul searching, accumulating new impressions and ideas.

Now he lives with his wife and beloved son, Mathew, in the Ural mountains region – one of the most beautiful areas in Russia. All Ilya’s works are dedicated to his son. He hopes all people will enjoy his vision of deep music.