DoBox Recordings


Dobox at silicon valley techno jam session number 1

Dobox at silicon valley techno jam session #1

Here"s a 75 minute improvised jam session recording of 3 of Dobox"s artists: QORSER, The Rhythmist, and Steve Cooley, during the last hour and a half of “Silicon Valley Techno Jam Session #1″… all three artists came into the set without a preconceived preparation, so this is the rawest of the raw elements of what these three are made of. The tempo is a steady 142 bpm, so get ready for some bangin" tech!!

SIDESCROLLER 2: Art + Games + Techno + Beer

Thursday, October 11, 2007 @ ~7:30pm
]]>Works/San Jose]]>

Come join us for a night of retro and not-retro games in the genre of the futuristic side scrolling shooter, accompanied by a dj mixed soundtrack to match. $5 donation is requested so we can help pay the rent and electricity bill at Works/San Jose. $10 will get you a custom embroidered patch! OMGWTF?! Sidescroller is t3h awesome!1!

Maker Faire 2007 - PD / OSC / Processing / Quartz Composer

Yes…the second annual Maker Faire is upon us, and DoBox artists Derek Scott and Steve Cooley will be showing off some of their audio-visual experiments utilizing Pure Data, OpenSound Control, Processing and Quartz Composer. There will be plenty of other interesting demos and sessions going on too, so we highly advise you check it out if you can. Fun stuff!