DoBox Recordings


Final Release: "Loose Memories" by Derek Scott

Ladies and gents, we would like to thank each and every one of you for your support over the years. We would also like to thank all the musicians that were willing to share their awesome music with us, and with the world. With that, we are announcing that DoBox Recordings will be shutting down operations. It"s been a good run, but things have changed…times have changed…and it"s now time for us to change.

"Shadowman EP" by Blurix

The Diggarama label"s head honcho Izidor Radmanovic, aka Blurix, returns with another raw and energetic EP. All three tracks are full of movement and emanate Blurix"s distinct sound. One thing is for certain, they know how to make music for the dancefloor in Croatia. Enjoy!

Artwork by Blurix

  1. All Alone (Shadowman)
  2. Underdog
  3. Magma (Escape)

Keckclip - NHT2

We"re back! And Keckclip is back with us to present another round of fast-paced sonic workouts. Three no-nonsense tracks that start out with the bizness and don"t let up until they end. Your mind and body will definitely be sweatin" after you push your speakers with these bad boys. Enjoy!

Artwork by Dajis Systems

  1. NHT006
  2. NHT008
  3. NHT009

"Circulation EP" by Jemset

Once again we present another healthy slice of dancefloor goodness from Jemset in the form of the Circulation EP. He"s been patiently waiting to drop another release here on DoBox, and we"re glad to say that now is the time. Four tracks of heady thump make up this great release, and best heard played through a large set of loudspeakers…loudly. So get those bits and pump it up!

"NHT" release by Keckclip

"NHT" (Normal Heights Techno) is the latest episode of sonic ruckus brought to you this time by Keckclip. The San Diego-based producer is no newcomer to the game, and it shows in his music. All 4 tracks of this release are overflowing with chunky beats and dense textural elements that take your mind and body to another world. So put on your dancing shoes and zip up your spacesuit because it"s time to go!