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  • AEOD stands for Alter Egos of Dance, real name - Petey Nicholson

Arturo Garces

  • Born and raised in San Jose, California, Arturo Garces has been surrounded by dance music his entire life. The son of a serious collector of funk, soul and disco records, Arturo grew up listening to the roots of house music. These early influences are evident in his works as a DJ and producer today. Interested in making his own music, Arturo got hold of a sampler in 1995 and hasn't looked back since.


  • bLURiX
    Izidor Radmanovic aka bLURiX
    Born in Zagreb (Croatia) in 1983, Izidor was exposed to many styles of music at an early age. His father would constantly be playing music from records, tapes, radio, etc. The wall-mounted speaker in their home would be blaring anything from disco to rock to blues. Later in his life, Izidor was influenced by Acid House, Techno and artists like Jean-Michael Jarre, Kraftwerk as well as composers like Franz Schubert.

    In 1995, he made his first steps into electronic music production by remixing a few tracks for his own pleasure. By 1999, he had become more productive and developed a much deeper understanding and philosophy about making electronic music. He also began DJ’ing in 2001. With a desire to go even deeper and learn more about himself and his beliefs, he applied and was accepted to the theological university in Zagreb in 2004. From that point on, Izidor approached music with more desire and passion. He puts a little bit of his soul into each and every one of his tracks. There are no boundaries for him. To him, all is relative in music so therefore his sounds and tracks are ever changing.


Chris Sendejas

Deadly Venomz

  • Techno alias of San Francisco/Oakland,CA based producer Mattski Avilos.

Derek Scott

  • Derek Scott
    Derek Scott
    (aka The Rhythmist, Number 8 )
    Derek has been making electronic music since 1987. His deep and shuffled grooves layered with abstract textures and funky, disjointed melodies have a futuristic quality that gets your body moving. Inspired by groups like Art Of Noise, Kraftwerk, and Mantronix he started an all-synth band in high school with some friends. The band broke up shortly after graduating, so he started working on music solo. His first release on a label was in 1994 on Flask (once a subdivision of the now defunkt Silent Records) under the alias ‘Number 8′. He teamed up with local veteran ]]>Mattski]]> and Solid Trax label manager ]]>Lucas Rodenbush]]> to launch the Trax Cafe project in 1997. Their EP helped Derek to land apperances on two compilations and to get his own EP on Resource Records in 2000. He has also contributed to releases for the Audio Abuse and Medasu labels. Along with his releases on DoBox, he has also made an appearance on the ]]>Seedsound]]> netlabel.


  • The project Dip appeared in 1997 composed of two musicians, Sergey Bobrov (Di99er) and Sergey Stanovov (Dj Sergey Placid). The basic direction of creation for Dip are styles of House and Techno.
    In 2000, the group collaborated with MC Propan to write a few hip-hop tracks. During the course of a year, those tracks made it’s way onto the sound systems of many clubs in Moscow. The first officially published track of the collective was the composition “Come Back” from the compilation “Discotech – Progressive House” on Grand Records in 2001. Their contribution to the compilation was due to their support of electronic musician and producer, as well as one of founders of Russian label Solaris Station, Evgeniy Rodionov.
    In 2002, Dip took part in a project in association with Kurindas at a club called ‘City’, along with such musicians and deejays as The Greenpoint Dub Orchestra, LMC project, Alina Sekventsiya, DJ Fish and DJ Dima Fly. Later that year the musicians of project Dip submerged deeper into the world of techno and ambient, doing parallel remixes of compositions by different musicians and sharpening their skills as DJs.
    In 2005, the group’s debut album, “Something to share”, saw the light of day. The project of Dip were invited to play by the organizers of the annual summer festival ‘Kazantip’ that same year. On their own time the participants of Dip still continue their journeys as DJs.


DJ L'Embrouille

  • L'embrouille, a French DJ (Digital Jockey), is mixing since 2004. He's really devoted to the netlabel scene and plays only free stuff. He already released many sets in various DJ netlabels such as Mixotic, Sonic Walker, Op3n, Midnight, Deep In Dub, Polymorphic, but also in DJ section of various netlabels like Zimmer, Pentagonik, Pinksilver, Avionix, Offaudio, Foem, Echosuro, Stir Sound and more.


Igor O. Vlasov

  • Igor O. Vlasov
    Igor O. Vlasov
    Born in Volgograd in 1980, later moving to Moscow, Igor became interested in electronic music at the ripe old age of 13 years. In 1994, he began to produce his own tracks along the lines of older skool house and techno.

    Then in 1998, Igor’s first professional works came about when he started to produce deep house tracks for his electronic project named the “Squid Project”. In 2002, ‘Squid Project’ was renamed to ‘S.P.C.’.

    Later he formed a techcore/techno project named ‘Celtic Rhythm’ for producing danceable minimal tech tracks for clubs.

    A versatile producer with projects spanning deep, minimal, experimental, downtempo and dub styles, Igor is interested in the genre entanglement as a means to birth unique sounds. His influences include Kraftwerk, Front 242, Tangerine Dream, Abba, Juan Atkins, Robert Hood, Plastikman/Richie Hawtin, Sven Vath, Adam Bayer, Mr. Fingers/Larry Heard, Frankie Knuckles and Deep Dish.

Ilya Bataman

  • Ilya Bataman was born in 1982 in the Russian city of Omsk, a place where Russian tanks are constructed. Throughout his childhood, he was connected with music as his parents were very fond of synth-pop. But when he got his first tracker software in 1999, this was the real beginning.

    First he tried to mix the old disco tracks with minimal techno, which sounded quite interesting to him. Then he started to search for his own sounds, and developed his own individual style of programming. While DJ-ing at nightclubs around Omsk, he realized that something was wrong with the picture. People got used to the fashionable sounds and never wanted to hear any thing that was different. Different is exactly what Ilya needed, so after his graduation he left Russia for 2 years to UAE. He spent his time soul searching, accumulating new impressions and ideas.

    Now he lives with his wife and beloved son, Mathew, in the Ural mountains region – one of the most beautiful areas in Russia. All Ilya’s works are dedicated to his son. He hopes all people will enjoy his vision of deep music.


  • Born in 1982, Jemset is a lover of different music styles (techno/house, soul/funk, jazz, ambient, psychedelic rock, hiphop, reggae, drum and bass). DJ till several years, he started his production career only in 2008.



  • Console

    Console is techno producer and DJ from Russia, and his music has a deep, atmospheric and minimal sound. His real name is Andrey Lebedev, and he was born in 1984 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. His interest in electronic music started at the age of 16 - it was techno and electro that caught his ear. Soon he obtained his first computer, and found he had a passion for writing and producing music. Then he began to try himself as a DJ. He has spent several years working with different styles of music, and is now even experimenting with ambient, downtempo and dubstep. Dj Corrupt frequently plays at local clubs in Saint-Petersburg, and he’s planning to release a couple of tracks on vinyl soon.

    His musical influences at the moment:
    Ricardo Villalobos, John Tejada, Steve Bug, Pascal FEOS, Alex Smoke, Poker Flat Records.

    Overhead EP / Console [bump038]
    Deeper Inside /Dj Corrupt (aka Console) [lz033]

    ]]>]]> (rus)

    discography on


  • Descendiente de una larga familia de músicos, Rafa Marinelli ha sabido desde siempre que el virus de la música corría por sus venas con gran intensidad. Una intensidad que trató de canalizar durante años de una manera convencional, matriculándose en el conservatorio de Sevilla, y que terminaría por estallar cuando descubrió la música electrónica, a una edad en la que la mayoría de los mortales se dedica a tirar de las coletas a su compañera de pupitre. Una precocidad que le ha llevado a ganar varios concursos de producción musical, a fundar plataformas como Flumo (que posteriormente abandonaría por discrepancias musicales) y a compartir cabina con los mejores djs locales y con muchos de los internacionales que bajaban por el sur de España: una lista que no cesa de incrementarse, y en la que brillan nombres como los de Richie Hawtin, Dj Feadz, The Glimmers, Smash TV, Modeselektor, Pantha du Prince, Kiki, New young poney club o Rinocerose.

Lucas Rodenbush

  • Lucas Rodenbush material is a refined take on musical production with emphasis on techno, house, world & experimental genres of music.

Marcus Watkins

  • Oldschool Midwest DJ and founder/manager of Random Access Recordings.

Number 8


  • UK drum n bass artist.


  • Qorser

    Although interested in electronic music and DJ’ing since the early 1990s, it wasn’t until the year 2000 when Qorser made his first productions. Some of the musicians that made an impact on him were Ken Ishii, Autechre and Funk D’Void. His attention to detail developed early, and he was able to make exceptional tracks with just his Sony Playstation and ]]>Jester Interactive’s Music 2000]]> (licensed as MTV Music Generator in the United States). A couple of years later, he met several local San Jose artists who helped put him on to using software like ]]>Propellerhead’s Reason]]> and ]]>Synapse Audio’s Orion]]>. Since then Qorser’s knowledge of music software and music making skills have greatly expanded, and he definitely knows how to move a crowd.

Shouichi Narita

  • DJ/producer from Japan

Steve Cooley

  • Steve Cooley
    Steve Cooley
    Steve Cooley has been involved in music since the early ’90s. He started out using trackers on i386 PCs back then, but has been using Macs for quite some time. Over the years he built his own analog synth (thanks to Paia), helped his brother ]]>Deeje]]> develop a dj application called ]]>QTTurntable]]> for Mac OS9, and now he’s even making music with his cellphone/pda/camera (pictured above). His current tools also include a G4 Powerbook, GarageBand, Reason, Renoise, and other various softawre and hardware. He even owns a near-mint Roland TR-808 that his dad found at a pawn shop for $25! Not only is he a musician, he’s also an excellent graphic designer, PHP programmer, and woodworker.


The Lady Blacktronika

  • The longstanding San Jose-born, Berlin-based house innovator

The Rhythmist

  • DJ & Producer from San Jose, CA. He is credited with helping to define the San Jose/South Bay Area deep techno & house sound of the 90s & 00s.


  • Russian Electronic music artist and DJ, active since 1996. Born in Taganrog (Russia) in 1980. Vadz developed through the arts and found his form of expression through painting and photography.


Vincent Inc

  • Vincent Inc was born on January 14th, 1980 in little sea town of Feodosia, Ukraine. He started listening to electronic music at the age of 11. At first it was Chicago House, Ambient, and later atmospheric Drum’n'Bass and Trip-Hop. In 1995 he discovered deep-tech House, Techno and Minimal (artists like Herbert, Takkyu Ishino, Daniel Ibbotson, Slam mode, Delta Mikael, Kevin McKay, Attaboy, House of 909, Omid16b, Pete Moss, Scsi-9, Peter Didlo, Milton Jackson, Ken Ishii, Jussi Pekka, Rithma, Halo, Chris J). In ‘98, Vincent landed his first gigs in Zhivot at Belly club. In 2001 he and his friends organized a ‘closed’ club called SUBBUNKER, then later formed the independent deep house project in the summer of 2005. This project is dedicated to informing their users of all news about deep house culture in Ukraine & whole world.