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Console is techno producer and DJ from Russia, and his music has a deep, atmospheric and minimal sound. His real name is Andrey Lebedev, and he was born in 1984 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. His interest in electronic music started at the age of 16 - it was techno and electro that caught his ear. Soon he obtained his first computer, and found he had a passion for writing and producing music. Then he began to try himself as a DJ. He has spent several years working with different styles of music, and is now even experimenting with ambient, downtempo and dubstep. Dj Corrupt frequently plays at local clubs in Saint-Petersburg, and he’s planning to release a couple of tracks on vinyl soon.

His musical influences at the moment:
Ricardo Villalobos, John Tejada, Steve Bug, Pascal FEOS, Alex Smoke, Poker Flat Records.

Overhead EP / Console [bump038]
Deeper Inside /Dj Corrupt (aka Console) [lz033]

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