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Although interested in electronic music and DJ’ing since the early 1990s, it wasn’t until the year 2000 when Qorser made his first productions. Some of the musicians that made an impact on him were Ken Ishii, Autechre and Funk D’Void. His attention to detail developed early, and he was able to make exceptional tracks with just his Sony Playstation and ]]>]]>Jester Interactive’s Music 2000]]>]]> (licensed as MTV Music Generator in the United States). A couple of years later, he met several local San Jose artists who helped put him on to using software like ]]>]]>Propellerhead’s Reason]]>]]> and ]]>]]>Synapse Audio’s Orion]]>]]>. Since then Qorser’s knowledge of music software and music making skills have greatly expanded, and he definitely knows how to move a crowd.