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Steve Cooley is back with ‘Imprecision’ release!



We’ve all been anxiously waiting to hear from Steve Cooley again, and he’s found some time between a full-time job and being a new dad to present us with his new release, ‘Imprecision’. Six tracks of neck-rockin’ beats that will no doubt have the dancefloor rockin’ too. He even had time to make the laser-cut acrylic artwork that graces the artwork (which he designed) for this release. So you can’t say the man hasn’t been busy.

This is also our first ever pay download release. Don’t worry…we will still have free releases available, but this release has that extra ‘umph’ that we think is worth some of that change in your pocket. We hope you’ll think so too.

Click on the image above to download hi-res artwork.

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