DoBox Recordings

"It's A Black Thing" by Lady Blacktronika


]]>Lady Blacktronika]]> got her start in music making in 1997 right here in San Jose with help and guidance from local veteran Mattski (aka ]]>Deadly Venomz]]>). Since then she has moved to Oakland, and now produces some seriously emotive Beatdown sounds and Deep House. But she has also always been into Techno…the real bangin" stuff. It just so happens that she made a handful of some real way-out sonic gems that we couldn"t help but release on DoBox. This release has been a long time coming, and we are excited to let the rest of the world hear these sounds. Get ready to move because you"re not gonna be able to help yourself.

Artwork by ]]>Steve Cooley]]>

  1. Get Anotha Man
  2. U Thought It Was All Ovah
  3. Y Seeng
  4. Krip Whistle Track