DoBox Recordings

Blasting Aliens and Bumping Beats

This Wednesday (8/29) at ]]>Works Gallery]]> in Downtown San Jose, DoBox Recordings will help put on ‘Sidescroller’…a casual event to show off and let people play some of our favorite scrolling shooter video games (often known as ‘]]>shmups]]>‘). We are big fans of this video game genre and we felt it needed a little push in these times of mostly first-person shooters, driving sims and RPGs. Nothing like a good ol’ shooter to work on that hand-eye coordination…not to mention we do think they have significant artistic value. There will be games from a range of different game platforms like MAME, Sony Playstation and Sega Dreamcast.

Sidescroller will be a free event, but donations to Works Gallery will always be appreciated. Please help to keep the gallery running. Hope to see you ]]>there]]>!