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New Release: Air Conditioned Free Movie


We’ve finally got a new release for you! ‘Air Conditioned Free Movie’ is a collection of tracks from Joint Effort, Steve Cooley, Chris Jackson, Lucas Rodenbush & Alonso Ordonez, Chris Sendejas, Number 8, Mutor, and Christopher Leath. Here are the links to the mp3 files (Attention, Podcast Subscribers!), but also check out the ‘Releases’ page for cover art and more info!

  1. Joint Effort - See U Inside
  2. Chris Jackson - Scatter Matter
  3. Mutor - OpenMindInsertFoot
  4. Number 8 - Backdoor
  5. Steve Cooley - Box of Rox v1.02
  6. Podge - Game Playing
  7. Christopher Leath - Skip~Take: 1
  8. Lucas Rodenbush & Alonso Ordonez - Disturbing Soundscape
  9. Chris Sendejas - The Groove