DoBox Recordings

New Release: The Unity of Three

We’ve made another friend from the other side of the globe…this time from Croatia. bLURiX (aka Izidor Radmanovic) has created these three great tracks that trigger the imagination as well as make your head nod. ‘Weltjugentag’ and ‘Handy-Shop’ both have that old-school jackin’ sound, but also have a sci-fi feel to them. ‘Wieliczka’ takes things to a different level with it’s quirky synths and tumbling electro beats. All in all, we think this is a fun release that you’re sure to enjoy. And thanks to ]]>Zimmer Records]]> for the use of ‘Handy Shop’!

  1. Wieliczka
  2. Weltjugentag
  3. Handy Shop