DoBox Recordings

New Release: DJ L’embrouille - ‘DoBox Sessions’


DoBox has been around for 5 years, and there has been one particular DJ who has supported us the entire time….DJ L’embrouille. He has included our music in many a mix for netlabels like Mixotic, Zimmer-Records, Loopzilla, Zerinnerung and others. Now we are proud to present a new mix from L’embrouille comprised of wide range of tracks from the DoBox back catalog! Instead of trying to tell you how good it is (and it is good), download the mix and enjoy it for yourself. Trust us….you won’t be disappointed.

1. Qorser – ‘Kut & Paste’ [DBDF008]
2. Igor O. Vlasov – ‘Coral Reef’ [DBDF009]
3. Igor O. Vlasov – ‘Stone Of Fortune’ [DBDF013]
4. Dip – ‘Isadora’ [DBDF021]
5. Ilya Bataman – ‘Enlightened Love’ [DBDF035]
6. Waveform – ‘When Night Meets Morning’ [DBDF034]
7. Chris Sendejas – ‘Unknown’ [DBDF011]
8. Arturo Garces – ‘Nothing’ [DBDF023]
9. Dip – ‘Minibikini’ [DBDF021]
10. Qorser – ‘Cheap Shot’ [DBDF005]
11. Storytellerz – ‘Cardboard Boxing’ [DBDF020]
12. Qorser – ‘Reddy’ [DBDF027]
13. Qorser – ‘Vortex Middle’ [DBDF008]
14. Qorser – ‘Loop Generation’ [DBDF004]
15. Qorser – ‘Stackin’ [DBDF005]
16. Qorser – ‘I Don’t Know’ [DBDF004]
17. Popkan – ‘Jack The Bass’ [DBDF033]
18. The Rhythmist – ‘The Force Of Night’ [DBDF018]
19. Shouichi Narita – ‘Tonight Is Still Continue’ [DBDF038]
20. Bangers and Nash – ‘The Monk Effect’ [DBDF033]
21. Lucas Rodenbush – ‘Determined’ [DBDF019]
22. The Rhythmist – ‘Deepened’ [DBDF033]
23. Dip – ‘Exit’ [DBDF021]
24. Steve Cooley – ‘Cramming’ [DBDF024]
25. AEOD – ‘Do You Know’ [DBDF031]
26. Juan Segovia – ‘The Pest (I’m Never Camping With You Again Mix)’ [DBDF033]