DoBox Recordings

CD Releases To Benefit Disaster Aid

I’m sure some of you out there have been directly affected by hurricanes Rita and Katrina or know someone who has. Most of my family live in the southern areas of Louisiana, so I would have to say I definitely fall into that catagory. Along with those people we do know, there are thousands of other people we don’t know who also need assistance recovering from these two devastating storms. That’s why Dobox Recordings is teaming up with various producers and labels to create a new CD series to benefit those in need.
First up, we have a 3-track CD release titled ‘Loved EP’ from Chicago-based producer Wyndell Long]]> (]]>Pro-Jex]]>, ]]>Peacefrog]]>, Fiji). Profits made from his release will go directly to the Red Cross Disaster Relief funds for the victims of hurricanes Rita and Katrina. This ‘ep’ of tracky funk was originally destined for the Trax Cafe Recordings imprint, but we have now joined forces to bring it to you together on CD to help those in need. The price for it is only $7.00 and it’s available for purchase ]]>here]]>.

We will have more releases by other artists in the near future, and will continue to donate to disaster relief and humanitarian funds. We all live on this world, and we all need help at some time or another. Let’s help those who really need it right now.