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New Release: Micro-Ear-Abrasion


We’ve got a special couple of releases to help you kick off the weekend-long Movement electronic music festival in Detroit, Michigan. First off, we have a 4-track release of pure techno goodness from world-reknowned producer Lucas Rodenbush. And on its heels we have another 4-tracker from Mr. Rodenbush along with his partner, ]]>Designforms]]> mastermind Jonra Babiracki. Together they form the duo, Storytellerz. Both of these guys will be at the Movement festival this weekend, so keep your eyes and ears open for them. But for now, enjoy their releases!

    Lucas Rodenbush - ‘Boundless Abstractions’
  1. Induced
  2. Determined
  3. Pitfall
  4. Saddled
    Storytellerz - ‘Last Daze at Club Cahuenga’
  1. Cardboard Boxing
  2. Contained
  3. Apartment Complex
  4. Ready To Move