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"Freedom" DJ mix by Marcus Watkins


Marcus Watkins from ]]>Random Access Recordings]]> has put something really special for you all to help celebrate Martin Luther King Day. We proudly present to you ‘Freedom’, a DJ mix of tracks from the DoBox compilation ‘Resurgence’. Here’s what Marcus himself has to say about it…

In today’s world, freedom is taken for granted. And with so much conflict and not much
resolution, it is important that we find common ground. Music is that common ground. It is a
universal language spoken and understood by all. What is so great about our music is that it unites us as “one nation.” “One Nation” underground, that is. We come together to celebrate, dance, rejoice and express ourselves, and don’t care about what no one thinks. In my opinion, if Dr. Martin Luther King wasalive, he would need to look no further than electronic music to get a glimpse of his dream. This DJ mix is dedicated to a never forgotten hero, Dr. Martin Luther King on his birthday and to all of the freedom fighters worldwide. Keep hope alive!!!

-Marcus Watkins

Also in celebration of Martin Luther King Day, The Big Love Show on Stanford University’s radio station ]]>KZSU]]> will be extended an extra hour (3pm - 7pm). The guest DJs will be DoBox artists Qorser and Derek Scott, and the Leath Brothers from ]]>El Otro Mundo]]>. Tune into 90.1 FM or visit ]]>]]>.

Peace and power to the people!