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Steve Cooley - De-Rez

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Steve Cooley is back with a new release of banging techno, two tracks of which were created in preparation for his live performance at AVA2006. Most of these tracks begin on his Treo 650, using Bhajis Loops, and then progress through GarageBand and Logic Express. Other techniques involve harvesting glitch and audio ephemera from nature and unnatural sources. The style is layered up from the base of beats, effects, sounds from space, people on the street, everyday snippets of the sounds around us. But don’t forget the beats. This is a 4-track pounder.

“I like to combine the natural sounds that constitute found audio from the real world and world of what my computer can give me. I like layering up filters and effects in a similar way to photoshop to achieve similar textural results. This release is a field report from my explorations on the fringe of where beat-driven music grows.”
Cover art by Steve Cooley.

01Steve CooleyScreaming Fussy Baby Behind Me3:14
02Steve CooleyCommodore Spicy Invaders6:12
03Steve CooleyWandering Poet4:01
04Steve CooleyCramming4:53