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"Improvised" by Steve Cooley


Improvisation is something that many electronic dance music musicians strive to be able to do. Steve Cooley has achieved this ability with the help of the device he built called ]]>Beatseqr]]>, and he puts it to the test for this 4-tracker release. Created essentially from scratch with almost no preparation, you actually hear him build each one up beat by beat. A good set of sounds and an knack for box-bangin" is all Steve had to go on. I"m sure you"ll agree that he"s got a technique that"s definitely doing good things. Download and enjoy!

And just so you know, that circuit board on the artwork was used to build version 3 of Beatseqr.

Artwork by ]]>Steve Cooley]]>

  1. waitingformynewpcbs
  2. doihaveyourattention
  3. organicsolventvapor
  4. buyapluginelectriccar
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