DoBox Recordings


New Release: Console - "Kamora EP"

We’ve got another new artist to add to the DoBox roster, and he goes by the name of Console (aka DJ Corrupt). Hailing from the Russian city of St. Petersberg, he presents a banging yet cereberal sound on his new release ‘Kamora EP’. The first track ‘Preview’ starts things off deep and throbbing, but the vibe gets progressively more intense with each track. ‘Toy Shop’ finishes the job with its hypnotic sounds and a thundering distorted kick. Check it out for yourself, and enjoy!

New Release: AEOD - "Gryme and Treason"

Following up from the sonic adventure of their ‘Consciousness EP’, AEOD are back with another great release. This time, they throw a bit of dirt into it…and that’s a good thing. Rugged, raw and rebellious, ‘Gryme and Treason’ brings the ruckus like only those guys from AEOD can. Download, press play and enjoy!

  1. The Source
  2. Do You Know?
  3. Gridlock
  4. Dirty German Girl

New Release: Ilya Bataman - "First Steps - Impressions"

Once again tapping into the excellent Russian Techno scene, DoBox Recordings presents a great release by producer, Ilya Bataman. ‘First Steps’ Impressions’ throws down three tracks of new school style with an old school twist. These are some 0’s and 1’s you should definitely start clicking on!

  1. Love In Lo-Fi
  2. Midnight Deep
  3. Den Spielen

New Release: The Rhythmist - "Multilayers"

We know it’s been a long time since the last release from The Rhythmist, but the man has b-u-s-y. But finally we squeezed another 3-track release out of him to tickle your ears and feed your head. ‘Futuresight’ and ‘Sample Theory’ bring the Techno goodness to the table, while ‘Brilliants’ provides a dreamlike, psychedelic break in between. Get ready for a fun ride through sound…enjoy!

  1. Futuresight
  2. Brilliants
  3. Sample Theory

New Release: Qorser - "Divergence"

With the launch of the new site and the presenting of a new artist, we also wanted to bring back the ever-productive DoBox veteran, Qorser. "Divergence" is 5 tracks of hard-kicking and groovy Techno that true headz could never deny. Download it, turn it up and get your groove on!

  1. Down Shift
  2. Direct Reflection
  3. Perfect Grade
  4. Reddy
  5. Escher Speed

New Release: Vincent Inc. - "Life Without Music EP"

Another new face is added to the DoBox roster in the form of Vincent Inc. from Feodosia, Ukraine. He has spent a lot of time in the music scene, and now he presents us with some mellow grooves that are sure to move as well as soothe. And now, please enjoy "Life Without Music".

  1. Life Without Music
  2. Fibra Berry
  3. You In Me