DoBox Recordings


New Release: Novato

Taking a moment from helping his partners run their Spain-based netlabel ]]>Flumo]]>, Lektrono (Rafael Marinelli) gives us the latest release on DoBox Recordings. The three tracks that make up this release definitely tell the complete opposite story than the title would have you believe. Lektrono takes us on a trip, and keeps us moving some part of our body the entire time. Enjoy!

New Release: The Funk of Five GigaFLOPS

We’ve got a new four tracker of digital funk from The Rhythmist, and included with it is a sneak peek of some fun things to come. Taking an interest in developing VST instrument plug-ins, he shows off some of the fruits of his labor on ‘Seg’ and ‘16th & Curtis’. Most of the instrumentation in both of them (except for the drums) are from his plug-ins. Stay tuned as you might see some of these virtual instruments available here in the not too distant future. Oh yeah…and enjoy the music!

New Release: Complexions

Alright…we finally have our first release of the new year. ‘Complexions’ is a 6-track release of cosmic ruckus from the artist known as Plex. Inspired by electro, old-school breaks and high-powered techno, his style comes across fierce and sophisticated…and it’s rare that you find those two qualities existing together at the same time. Enjoy!

  1. Lecework
  2. Class
  3. He Akt
  4. Christmas
  5. Sloth
  6. Qwok Chop Chop