DoBox Recordings


New Release: Waveform - ‘Crossroads’

We all come to them at some point in life, sometimes more than once. We’re talking about crossroads. And Waveform has a great 4-tracker that makes for a very appropriate soundtrack for when you do reach that point…and we mean that in a good way. Deep, moody and thought-provoking, ‘Crossroads’ is one release that will definitely get you in a zone. Waveform has a great knack for creating emotive music that makes you not want to sit still, and this release is no exception. So load it up, and turn it up!

New Release: Shouichi Narita - "Research Announcement 1"

Our latest release comes all the way from Japan, and it’s definitely going to satisfy…especially all those digital dj’s out there. Shouichi Narita presents us with ‘Research Announcement 1′, which by the name hopefully means there will be more to come. These seven tracks are serious movers. No frills, just good raw grooves. Get your speakers ready because here comes the bizness!

New Releases from Vadz and AEOD

We’ve got a double-header today folks! Two strong releases from some real Techno powerhouses. First up we have a 4-tracker from the Russian secret weapon, Vadz. ‘Abstraction EP’ is an intense sonic journey that’s full of powerful synths and sharp percussion. Rubetz also joins in the fun with a remix of the title track. Definitely a release not to miss.

New Release: Ilya Bataman - "Lookin" To The Perspective

Even though it’s currently -24 degrees Celcius in Russia’s Ural Mountains region, Ilya Bataman warms things up with another hot release. ‘Lookin’ To The Perspective’ is his second release for DoBox and a good way to kick off the new year. These four deep and moving tracks show off Ilya’s unique style of composition that’s sure to get you movin’. Enjoy!

  1. Spell Of Dub
  2. Enlightened Love
  3. My Way
  4. Sometimes

New Release: Waveform - "Pink Sunrise"

You know we couldn’t go without giving you all another release before the holidays were over. So our present to you is a new release by Minimal Tech artist Waveform that’s sure to warm you up during this Winter season. After listening to Pink Sunrise, we couldn’t help but be in a good mood. Download and feel these grooves for yourself…you won’t regret it.

  1. Pink Sunrise
  2. Minimal Disco
  3. Dub Emotions
  4. Fly Mode
  5. When Night Meets Morning