DoBox Recordings


Steve Cooley is back with ‘Imprecision’ release!


We’ve all been anxiously waiting to hear from Steve Cooley again, and he’s found some time between a full-time job and being a new dad to present us with his new release, ‘Imprecision’. Six tracks of neck-rockin’ beats that will no doubt have the dancefloor rockin’ too. He even had time to make the laser-cut acrylic artwork that graces the artwork (which he designed) for this release. So you can’t say the man hasn’t been busy.

DJ L’embrouille - ‘DoBox Sessions’ correction!


We’re a little late on this, but there is actually a correction for the excellent mix by DJ L’embrouille. The mix we posted is missing about twenty minutes of beats! So…here’s the correct mix and updated tracklist. Once again, enjoy!

1. Qorser - ‘Kut & Paste’ [DBDF008]
2. Igor O. Vlasov - ‘Coral Reef’ [DBDF009]
3. Igor O. Vlasov - ‘Stone Of Fortune’ [DBDF013]
4. Dip - ‘Isadora’

New Release: AEOD - ‘32′

It was all over the news…everyone saw it. You know what we’re talkin’ about. If not, you’re about to get it explained by AEOD. But it’s an audio explanation, so tune your ears in for an audible break down of OJ Simpson’s story. And, here’s a quick bit of background on each track from AEOD’s view…

Buffalo Bill:
When OJ first realized he was getting drafted from USC by the Bills, Then came the women, partying, fast life and all that.

New Release: Ilya Bataman – ‘The Ural Dancer’

It was a good summer here in Silicon Valley, but it was also a good summer in the Ural Mountain region of Russia. Ural resident Ilya Bataman presents us with his soundtrack for the sunny season, ‘The Ural Dancer’. These three tracks have a sound that’s alive and warm. Even though Autumn is upon us, this release will keep your speakers generating some heat. Enjoy!

  1. Intro
  2. Still Alive
  3. To The Beats