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"Improvised" by Steve Cooley

Posted: 2009-09-30 00:00

Improvisation is something that many electronic dance music musicians strive to be able to do. Steve Cooley has achieved this ability with the help of the device he built called ]]>Beatseqr]]>, and he puts it to the test for this 4-tracker release. Created essentially from scratch with almost no preparation, you actually hear him build each one up beat by beat. A good set of sounds and an knack for box-bangin" is all Steve had to go on. I"m sure you"ll agree that he"s got a technique that"s definitely doing good things. Download and enjoy!

And just so you know, that circuit board on the artwork was used to build version 3 of Beatseqr.

Artwork by ]]>Steve Cooley]]>

  1. waitingformynewpcbs
  2. doihaveyourattention
  3. organicsolventvapor
  4. buyapluginelectriccar

"09.09.09" release to celebrate the TR-909

Posted: 2009-09-09 00:00

Just like the Rhodes piano, the Hammond organ and the Stratocaster guitar left their mark forever in the world of musicmakers, so did the ]]>Roland TR-909 drum machine]]>. The successor to the also classic TR-808, the TR-909 can be heard in a large number of electronic dance music tracks created over the last 25 years. Its sound is unique, classic and often imitated by many other hardware devices and sound-generating software. On this appropriate day in history…09.09.09 (September 9th, 2009), we commemorate this legendary machine by presenting to you these seven tracks laden with 909 sounds or very inspired by them. Celebrate with us by downloading this release, loading it into your favorite player, and as we like to say….BANG IT!!

  1. The Rhythmist - "Darling"
  2. Qorser - "Carbonated 909"
  3. Lucas Rodenbush - "789"
  4. El Gato #9 - "The Number 9"
  5. Lucas Rodenbush - "Timing Is Everything"
  6. Qorser - "bdsdltmthtrshcchohcr"
  7. The Rhythmist - "Percussion Storm"
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"Demo Beats Selected by Derek" release by Gansermusik

Posted: 2009-08-12 00:00

After a bit of a hiatus, DoBox is back in action! We won"t get into details of that, but what we will get into is a great new release from Midwest Techno outfit, ]]>Gansermusik]]>. This release delivers four of slew of great tracks we received as a demo, and we could help ourselves but share them. We hope to get more beats from Gansermusik which we will be sure to share as well. For now, enjoy these unique, open and spacey grooves. Turn it up…it"s time for a trip!

Artwork by Gansermusik

  1. Demo Beat 02
  2. Demo Beat 09
  3. Demo Beat 10
  4. Demo Beat 14

Dobox at silicon valley techno jam session number 1

Posted: 2009-03-27 00:00

Dobox at silicon valley techno jam session #1

Here"s a 75 minute improvised jam session recording of 3 of Dobox"s artists: QORSER, The Rhythmist, and Steve Cooley, during the last hour and a half of “Silicon Valley Techno Jam Session #1″… all three artists came into the set without a preconceived preparation, so this is the rawest of the raw elements of what these three are made of. The tempo is a steady 142 bpm, so get ready for some bangin" tech!!

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Steve Cooley is back with ‘Imprecision’ release!

Posted: 2009-01-27 00:00


We’ve all been anxiously waiting to hear from Steve Cooley again, and he’s found some time between a full-time job and being a new dad to present us with his new release, ‘Imprecision’. Six tracks of neck-rockin’ beats that will no doubt have the dancefloor rockin’ too. He even had time to make the laser-cut acrylic artwork that graces the artwork (which he designed) for this release. So you can’t say the man hasn’t been busy.

This is also our first ever pay download release. Don’t worry…we will still have free releases available, but this release has that extra ‘umph’ that we think is worth some of that change in your pocket. We hope you’ll think so too.

Click on the image above to download hi-res artwork.

]]>Creative Commons License]]>
Imprecision by Steve Cooley is licensed under a ]]>Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License]]>.

DJ L’embrouille - ‘DoBox Sessions’ correction!

Posted: 2008-12-09 00:00


We’re a little late on this, but there is actually a correction for the excellent mix by DJ L’embrouille. The mix we posted is missing about twenty minutes of beats! So…here’s the correct mix and updated tracklist. Once again, enjoy!

1. Qorser - ‘Kut & Paste’ [DBDF008]
2. Igor O. Vlasov - ‘Coral Reef’ [DBDF009]
3. Igor O. Vlasov - ‘Stone Of Fortune’ [DBDF013]
4. Dip - ‘Isadora’

New Release: DJ L’embrouille - ‘DoBox Sessions’

Posted: 2008-12-01 00:00

DoBox has been around for 5 years, and there has been one particular DJ who has supported us the entire time….DJ L’embrouille. He has included our music in many a mix for netlabels like Mixotic, Zimmer-Records, Loopzilla, Zerinnerung and others. Now we are proud to present a new mix from L’embrouille comprised of wide range of tracks from the DoBox back catalog! Instead of trying to tell you how good it is (and it is good), download the mix and enjoy it for yourself. Trust us….you won’t be disappointed.

1. Qorser – ‘Kut & Paste’ [DBDF008]
2. Igor O. Vlasov – ‘Coral Reef’ [DBDF009]
3. Igor O. Vlasov – ‘Stone Of Fortune’ [DBDF013]
4. Dip – ‘Isadora’ [DBDF021]
5. Ilya Bataman – ‘Enlightened Love’ [DBDF035]
6. Waveform – ‘When Night Meets Morning’ [DBDF034]
7. Chris Sendejas – ‘Unknown’ [DBDF011]
8. Arturo Garces – ‘Nothing’ [DBDF023]
9. Dip – ‘Minibikini’ [DBDF021]
10. Qorser – ‘Cheap Shot’ [DBDF005]
11. Storytellerz – ‘Cardboard Boxing’ [DBDF020]
12. Qorser – ‘Reddy’ [DBDF027]
13. Qorser – ‘Vortex Middle’ [DBDF008]
14. Qorser – ‘Loop Generation’ [DBDF004]
15. Qorser – ‘Stackin’ [DBDF005]
16. Qorser – ‘I Don’t Know’ [DBDF004]
17. Popkan – ‘Jack The Bass’ [DBDF033]
18. The Rhythmist – ‘The Force Of Night’ [DBDF018]
19. Shouichi Narita – ‘Tonight Is Still Continue’ [DBDF038]
20. Bangers and Nash – ‘The Monk Effect’ [DBDF033]
21. Lucas Rodenbush – ‘Determined’ [DBDF019]
22. The Rhythmist – ‘Deepened’ [DBDF033]
23. Dip – ‘Exit’ [DBDF021]
24. Steve Cooley – ‘Cramming’ [DBDF024]
25. AEOD – ‘Do You Know’ [DBDF031]
26. Juan Segovia – ‘The Pest (I’m Never Camping With You Again Mix)’ [DBDF033]

New Release: AEOD - ‘32′

Posted: 2008-10-30 00:00

It was all over the news…everyone saw it. You know what we’re talkin’ about. If not, you’re about to get it explained by AEOD. But it’s an audio explanation, so tune your ears in for an audible break down of OJ Simpson’s story. And, here’s a quick bit of background on each track from AEOD’s view…

Buffalo Bill:
When OJ first realized he was getting drafted from USC by the Bills, Then came the women, partying, fast life and all that.

The mystery still revolves around Orenthal. Did he or didn’t he?

Suspect on Highway 5 -
The title speaks for itself. Interrupted the Rockets game during the 1995 finals!

Closing Arguments:
Johnnie Cochran just being Johnnie Cochran…playing the race card to the fullest.

Walk Free:
The 1995 verdict. Not knowing…13 years to the exact day.

15 To Live (Lookout Jerome):
OJ looks like someone we know named Jerome. Mostly because they have similar facial expressions. So we called him jerome. “Thank you Mr. Simpson for all you have done. You may have a seat.”

  1. Buffalo Bill
  2. 32
  3. Suspect On Highway 5
  4. Closing Arguments
  5. Walk Free
  6. 15 to Life (Lookout Jerome)
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New Release: Ilya Bataman – ‘The Ural Dancer’

Posted: 2008-10-27 00:00

It was a good summer here in Silicon Valley, but it was also a good summer in the Ural Mountain region of Russia. Ural resident Ilya Bataman presents us with his soundtrack for the sunny season, ‘The Ural Dancer’. These three tracks have a sound that’s alive and warm. Even though Autumn is upon us, this release will keep your speakers generating some heat. Enjoy!

  1. Intro
  2. Still Alive
  3. To The Beats

New Release: Jemset - ‘Colours’

Posted: 2008-10-23 00:00

Due to circumstances beyond our control, ‘Colours’ has been removed from the site. Sorry, folks.

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